Women's Cut: Starting at $39.00

Men's Cut: Starting at $27.00

Kids (ages 10 and Under) Starting at $20.00

Youth Boy (ages 11-17) Starting at $22.00

Youth Girl (ages 11-17) Starting at $28.00

Bang Trim: Free!

All services are subject to a $1.50 eco fee

Chemical Services


We understand that everyone's hair is different and that you can't be defined.

The prices below are base prices; the price will change based on the individual service and style! If you want to know what your service will cost down to the dollar, please come for a consultation! They're free, take only 15 minutes and will give you the chance to meet your stylist!

Color: Starting at $66.00

Partial Foil (11-33 Foils): Starting at $82.00

Full Foil (34+ Foils): Starting at $131.00

Ombre: Starting at $169.00

Men's Camo Color: Starting at $44.00

Perm: Starting at $70.00

Prices include consultation, wash, cut and style

Brows: Starting at $11.00

Lip: Starting at $11.00

Full Face (Brow, Lip, Chin):  Starting at $25.00

Brow Tint: Starting at $12.00

Wax & Tint: Starting at $21.00

Shampoo/Blowdry: Starting at $24.00

Updo: Starting at $77.00

Updo Trial: Starting at $77.00

Facial Waxing

Full Application: Starting at: $52.00

Trial: Starting at: $52.00


Hair Cuts

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Color- A color service is done using only one shade of color, done in a one step application.

Balyage- A balyage color service is done using two shades of color, and may require lightening done in multiple steps.

Ombre- A Ombre color service is done using 3 or more shades of color, and requires multiple steps and possibly more than one appointment

*Every head of hair is different; if you have any questions about what kind of appointment your looking for, please contact us with any questions or book a free consultation with one of our talented stylists.